Earth Healing Institute

Our Vision Statement:

We affirm that the earth is a divine creation.

It is holy and sacred.† It is an expression of our creatorís love.

We see a future in which humankind embraces nature in conscious partnership to create heaven on earth.

Our Mission Statement:

We assist humanity to come into right relationship with the holy creation, so that human beings might choose to express Godís will on earth as it is in heaven.

We provide articles, books, workshops and conferences and links to other people doing good works that will help  you to explore how to heal the earth and yourself.

Our intention is to lift up humanityís highest and best potential by remembering and reclaiming our sacred partnership with nature.

To heal the living earth is to heal ourselves.  May all beings benefit.


Earth Healing Institute

Director: Jennifer Vyhnak

Webmaster: Jim Vyhnak



To contact us:


Phone/Fax: (802)-453-6411



Earth Healing Institute,

8 Mountain Street, Bristol, VT, USA 05443


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