Earth Healing Institute

Earth Healing Institute

Director: Jennifer Vyhnak

Webmaster: Jim Vyhnak

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Earth Healing Institute, 8 Mountain Street, Bristol, VT 05443

Jennifer Vyhnak received her BA and MA in Communication Disorders, resulting in a professional practice as a speech-language pathologist for over 20 years. Her spiritual influences are rooted in Quakerism, Buddhism, and Native American Sacred Studies. Jennifer’s passion is to teach people how to use their psychic abilities to communicate with the Devic Kingdom to help heal the Earth as well as helping individuals manifest the plans of their souls for this lifetime.

Jennifer has been a presenter of devic communication and healing methods at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. She leads workshops and classes in sacred co-creative gardening and earth healing.  Through following the leadings of Spirit within, she is a co-founder (with Jonathan Corcoran and Bunny Daubner) of the ‘Call of the Trees’,, in collaboration with Dorothy MacLean, of the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland.  She is also founder of the Vermont Ukulele Society as a contribution to positive, joyous energy in the world,


Jennifer Vyhnak